Benicia Marina

For some reason the Benicia California Marina has virtually no online presence. I've cobbled together a scan of the freebee map that the harbormaster gave away in July 2007.

Note that the Lat/Lon (GPS) coordinates on the map are a bit off. They point to a location in the middle of the 780 freeway. The harbor entrance is closer to 38.04207N 122.15755W (38 2.524' N 122 9.453' W). Of course, the prudent will double check these coordinates on a chart and the Notice to Mariners.

Also, the distance from South Beach Harbor, San Francisco, by water, is roughly 31 nm. I like the precision to the hundreds on the meaningless rhumb-line distance.

Watch for shoaling at the breakwater entrance, and at lower low water, watch everywhere. The whole basin is a bit shallow.

The restaurants in town are only a few blocks away, but note that they tend to close early, sometimes by 9pm.

Benicia California Marina Map Chart Summer 2007